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We know that the knowledge children learnt at school will soon lag behind the development of the society as they face the changes ahead we (parent)  need to equip our new generation to be life-long learners and with the ability to learn so that they can keep abreast of changes and become active and valuable members of our community.

While the school is an important place for children’s education, families play an equal critical role in the development of their children. In particular parents are instrumental to their children’s growth and attitudes towards life.

The partnership Abib International School forged with parents contributed significantly and effective for pupils. The distinctive spirit of discipline of the head teacher, management team and staff lead to high standard in the school.

To the educators, we say thank you for equipping the pupils with the knowledge, skills and values for all-round and whole-person development, thank you so much for contribution.

To parents, we wish to express our appreciation of your active contributions towards your children’s education.


Mr. and Mrs. Omatola V. Ukwede.

A Few Words About Us

We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of childcare services to parents and their children, while also increasing the skills and basic knowledge of your children.

Abib International Nursery, Primary and Secondary School

Who We Are


Abib international Nursery, Primary and Secondary School is an educational institution located in a beautiful surrounding and facilities that are conducive for learning.

We provide services for children at early years and elementary (BASIC 1-6)

The goal of Abib school is to see our pupils:

  • Function effectively as global citizens in this modern world.

  • Prepare our pupils as future leaders with good character traits backed up by the fear of God with distinct qualities that will aid them in the fulfillment of their destinies.

  •  Develop and

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